In these very challenging and uncertain times, as Her Majesty The Queen’s personal representative in the County I want to stand alongside the people across the County of Essex.

The Essex Lieutenancy would like to profoundly thank the NHS staff for the extraordinary commitment and courage which they are demonstrating day in and day out.  We are very fortunate indeed to be cared for in this remarkable way.

We want to thank also the frontline workers who are keeping the county functioning in very difficult circumstance:  the police, the fire and rescue services, the army and the reservists, the farmers and growers, the many volunteers who have come forward, the food delivery drivers, refuse collectors and so many more who are playing their part across the county.

Care homes and hospices are having a particularly challenging time with vulnerable people unable to see loved ones, and we want to send them our very best wishes.

There are many established volunteer groups who will be struggling to keep going.  We hope that you will find funding from the several sources which are available and be able to weather the storm.  The Lieutenancy has a strong relationship with the voluntary sector and hopes to be able to visit and support you when the rules permit.

We are here to assist if we can and indeed many Deputy Lieutenants are already involved with projects across the spectrum from international endeavours to addressing county wide needs, to those working locally in their own communities.

In due course things will get better and we will be able to publicly recognise and say thank you to all those who have contributed so much.  In the meantime, inevitably the programme of Royal visits to the county has been dramatically cut back and all Lieutenancy visits have either been postponed or cancelled for the time being.  But we are working behind the scenes as Her Majesty the Queen would expect us to do to keep in touch and help where we can.

Stay safe and look after your neighbour if you are able.

Mrs Jennifer Tolhurst, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Essex 

A head and shoulders shot of Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jennifer Tolhurst. She wears a dark jacket with the Lord Lieutenant medal on her left breast. She wears a necklaces of two short strings of pearls, pearl stud earrings and a dark pillbox hat. Behind her is a Union Jack unfurled and stained glass windows.